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Sustainability Reporting


Sustainability reporting is the disclosure and communication of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals鈥攁s well as a company鈥檚 progress towards them. The benefits of sustainability reporting include improved corporate reputation, building consumer confidence, increased innovation, and even improvement of risk management. There are many ways to build sustainability reporting into your corporate social responsibility programs, whether by making use of established sustainability reporting frameworks such as GRI or CDP, including sustainability performance as part of your overall performance disclosures, by using guidelines such as those created by the International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC), or making use of ranking tools such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

No matter what method you choose, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship can help you get up to speed. How can companies gain executive buy-in for committing to sustainability reporting? While it's undeniable that certain social and environmental concerns can pose real business threats, research shows that investing both time and resources into sustainability and the reporting of progress toward CSR targets can help position companies to meet the demands of future challenges while maximizing returns.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is here to help you determine which sustainability reporting framework is right for your company and to help you get started. We are a certified training partner for most standards.

Below is a sample of the sustainability reporting examples and resources we offer our members.

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Resources on Sustainability Reporting


Value of Sustainability Reporting

This comprehensive survey covers various aspects of an organization鈥檚 environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting, and includes the cost and benefits of reporting as well as making connections to financial performance.


Sustainability Technology Vendor Report 2016

A report that compares responses from sustainability technology vendors to help you select a technology vendor so you can accurately collect detailed environmental data, launch or monitor progress towards environmental initiatives, and report using guidelines and frameworks such as GRI, CDP, and more.


Fundamentals of Sustainability Reporting

COURSE - Learn about different sustainability reporting frameworks and indices to make a well-informed, strategic decision about which to use.


Sustainability reports getting attention from investors and regulators

This spring, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) opened for comment a review of its Regulation S-K filing鈥攊nviting comment on both form and substance of disclosures for companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges.


From a Moment to a Movement

Sustainability leaders from the public and private sector discuss how effective reporting will help meet global sustainability targets.


SEC seeks public comment on its release on public company disclosure; includes possibility of mandated sustainability reporting

On April 13, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a new Concept Release regarding public company disclosures through Regulation S-K. The public comment period will be open until July 21, 2016.


A-Rated Sustainability

THE CORPORATE CITIZEN | FALL 2019: Veolia North America and Las Vegas Sands demonstrate sound sustainability stewardship -- and how to communicate environmental results.


The risk of using jargon in ESG disclosure

RESEARCH BRIEF - For firms that actively manage their sustainability, jargon and complex sentences can depress environmental performance scores.

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Upcoming Courses in Sustainability Reporting

Fundamentals of Sustainability Reporting | HYBRID COURSE

APR 27, 2020 - HYBRID COURSE - ACCELERATED CERTIFICATE SUMMIT - This course is offered during our week-long Accelerated Certificate Summit. Join us for just this one day or the week!

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GRI Standards Certified Training Course | HYBRID COURSE

APR 30, 2020 - HYBRID COURSE - ACCELERATED CERTIFICATE SUMMIT - This course is offered during our week-long Accelerated Certificate Summit. Join us for just this one day or the week!

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